Wednesday, 26 December 2012

A wishlist (part one of many)

'Dr Who game list' by
Hopkinsii under a
CC license
The new year is just a few days away. That, gives us yet another chance to wish for and dream about, reflect on the recent past and decide on changes. I'm not sure how successful any of that turns out to be in the long run. But it 's unlikely to cause any harm, either.

Myself, I don't like lists much. Partly because I find of limited use to put wishes on paper (or any of the other modern alternatives - that's not the issue), partly because I find it strange to turn to lists in order to try to get me into doing things :-)

For the sake of the days, Ι'll play bold and make a wish; a Grand one, going beyond the usual (but always needed) health, happiness and peace on earth.

Let 2013 find us using our resources in a better, wiser way!

And by 'resources' I mean all kind of resources from water and energy to money and human capital. And by 'wiser' I mean wiser at all levels, scientific yet socially responsible, ambitious yet practical, locally-thought yet internationally-relevant. That's no easy feat - I admit - but after all that's what wishes are for!

My warmest wishes to all of you!

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