Sunday, 30 September 2012

Hiatus; end of...

'February 2010-National
Margarita Day
' by cmiked
under a CC license
It has been months since I last had the chance to post something on this blog. It wasn't planned. I admit I've missed it a bit. But now I'm back and, since September is the second best time of the year for personal resolutions, I 've promised myself to stick a convenient, yet steady, pace. Of course, promises are to be broken but, for the time being, this hiatus is over.

(Having said that, I subconsciously look back to all those things that I 've been absolutely determined to do but never did. And keeping a blog-posting schedule clearly doesn't rank high up compared to other targets I 've set - at times - and then put aside.)

In my defense, many small or not-so-small things have happened since April that kept me either busy or distracted. One is for sure, it hasn't been holidays. In that sense, the margarita on the left is purely wishful thinking.

At any rate, let's see how this new effort goes....

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